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The world of television and radio is going through the great analogue to digital transition bringing with it a host of exciting benefits for you to enjoy. It is projected that in the next few years, everbody will have the need to switch to digital.

But don't be confused. Ferndale Aerials are here to help and advice on which option is best for you.


All our installations include a high quality aerial, up to 20 metres of cable, connectors, wall covers, a mast and brackets.

Fuzzy picture? - we can help! Call us out to perform a technical signal assessment which includes setting up an aerial rig for checking signal levels before tuning your TV/video for the optimum picture. Parts (e.g. new cable, aerial, lashing, brackets) charged as extra.

Satellite Dishes

We have supplied and installed hundreds of satellite systems for our customers, ranging from domestic minidish & decoders, all the way to 4m diameter dishes for larger installations.

We are also experts in multiple use installations for sports clubs and hotels.

Dish Repositioning
If you're suffering poor satellite reception or just wish to move the positioning of your satellite dish for cosmetic reasons, we can provide a quick and simple service that may not cost as much as you think. Please call us for FREE advice.

Radio Aerials
Getting a poor reception on your Hi-Fi system? We can advise you on anything from a standard FM aerial, to a top of the range digital aerial.

No one in the Swindon area knows more about digital audio broadcasting (DAB) transmissions, so if you want better reception and quality than they are getting from your current radio aerial, call us now.

All the services and installations from Ferndale Aerials are fully guaranteed for 12 months.

Spares and Repairs available
Ferndale Aerials Spares and Repairs Swindon, Marlborough, Cirencester
Ferndale Aerials offer a complete aerial and satellite repair service, as well as supplying spares and aerial equipment.

We can supply & cut TV and satellite cabling to suit your exact requirements.

Please visit us at our Swindon shop for advice and personal service.

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